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Calculate the number of calories you have burnt due to tweeting in the last 24 hours

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Tags: Flash, Health, TweetCalories, Web
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TweetCalories attempts to determine the calories you have burnt over the last 24 hours due to the number of tweets that you have sent out! It does this based on a simple math that is shown in the second image below. The application has been created by Companhia Athletica and is their way of promoting good !

As described on Mashable,

The app works by assuming several factors. For example, it’s figured that the average word length in a tweet is about 6 characters. It assumes the average user’s typing speed is 60 words per minute, that the user is of an average or healthy weight and normally burns around 2.65 calories per minute, and that it takes around 23 seconds to write and send a tweet of 140 characters. Based on these figures, the app’s creators have determined that sending a tweet burns around 1.03 calories.

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