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Twitter client designed exclusively for the Android Honeycomb platform

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Tags: Android, client, Commercial, HoneyComb, Mobile, TweetComb
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Alexa Ranking: 970

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TweetComb is a Twitter designed and created exclusively for the platform. TweetComb gives you a tablet-friendly view of your Twitter timeline, mentions, direct messages, and more.

Features of TweetComb:

  • Interact with Twitter in a tablet-friendly way with the only Twitter experience designed for Honeycomb.
  • Read your timeline, mentions, and direct messages with three distinct fragments. Each fragment interacts with Twitter for updates independent of the others.
  • Perform a Profile Search from an easy to access ActionBar item.
  • See a user’s basic info, recent tweets, and publicly available favored tweets.
  • From the profile page, you can follow or unfollow other users.
  • When new tweets arrive, TweetComb will alert you with an audio clip.
  • TweetComb gives you an easy way to use and switch between multiple Twitter accounts.
  • From an individual tweet, you can reply, retweet, retweet with edit, share, favorite, mark as spam, copy to clipboard, and send a direct message.
  • Quickly send status updates with full support for cut/copy/paste.
  • Support for sending and replying to direct messages inside the app.
  • TweetComb can be shared to from other apps such as the browser, Newsr, and others.

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