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Tweeting Machine

Twitter Marketing Tool with Auto Reply and Auto Follow Support

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Tags: Auto Follow, Auto Reply, Commercial, Marketing, Multiple Accounts, RSS, Schedule Posts, Tweeting Machine, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 10,525,945

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TweetingMachine users can schedule tweets to be sent in the future, set up automatic replies to direct messages and follow other Twitter users automatically, all across multiple Twitter accounts.

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  • hummingbird twitter software

    Overall, Twitter can be applied as a marketing tool if done correctly. Using twitter as a marketing tool is a subject of some debate in the marketing world. I have read numerous articles in favor of this technique and equally as many against it. 

  • Seb

    That’s why I’ve created my own app. With the use of my new 2011 auto follow app I can now see all the tweets from my new followers to get involve.

    Right now my auto follow app is free at my site if anybody is interested to try and comment on it. You can get it at