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Take remote control of your PC via Twitter

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Tags: Desktop, Remote Control, TweetMyPC, Windows
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TweetMyPC lets you shutdown, restart, Log off and do lots more on your PC. All remotely via Twitter!

Its a tiny application (but requires .NET 3.5) that you need to install on your Windows PC and provide it with your Twitter credentials. It observes your Twitter account to see if any ‘commands’ have been written that needs to be executed by it. checks for new tweets every 1 minute.

TweetMyPC is an open-source application and is under active development.


(Via Labnol)

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  • Great article!
    But I just want to let you know that the TweetMyPC developers released version 3 today! It is a lot more usable (more commands, better custom commands function), works now on vista + win 7, support for 64-bit systems, hundrets of bugs fixed, it now answers more efficiently (instead checking every 60 seconds, it now checks first every 20, then slowly getting higher to 60 seconds – but it goes back to checking every 20 seconds, as soon as it found got a new command), remote printing of doc, docx and pdf files and a lot more!