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Interact with Twitter via email

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Tags: Email, follow, Mobile, Status Update, Tweetymail, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 1,043,062

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Tweetymail lets you interact with Twitter via . Send emails to and it will interact with Twitter on your behalf. For example, send an to to post a tweet, or send an to to start following somebody.

Tweetymail simply needs to know what email addresses to associate with your Twitter account. When it receives an email from one of your email addresses, it can act on your behalf.

Some features supported by Tweetymail:

  • Tweet, follow users, send direct messages, get updates, delete tweets and more.
  • No need to share your Twitter password.
  • No “secret” email addresses. tweetymail knows who you are based on your email address.
  • Tweet links from your iPhone without leaving Safari.
  • Follow or block users by simply forwarding the Twitter notification email.
  • Automatically shorten URLs in your tweets using TinyURL or a API key.
  • No need to worry about your email signature. tweetymail can ignore it.


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