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A 3D Twitter client for Apple iPad

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Tags: apple, client, Commercial, InstaPaper, iPad, Mobile, Multiple Accounts, OmniFocus, RSS, TextExpander, TweetyPop
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Alexa Ranking: 19,292,783

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TweetyPop displays your Tweets in a 3-dimensional timeline. As you finish reading a Tweet, grab it with your finger and fling it off screen. This revolutionary tactile experience is a fluid and intuitive way to stay up-to-date with your Twitter accounts.

Feature overview:

  • Innovative 3D Twitter-Space for viewing tweets, with option of viewing in a more traditional List View
  • A unique hybrid between RSS reader and Twitter client that allows you to clear tweets as you read them – you don’t have to look at old tweets ever again!
  • Intuitively interact with tweets by flinging them off screen after reading.
  • Multiple ways to transport yourself through your timeline of tweets.
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Compose tweets – Upload photos and tag your location
  • Dedicated views for Timeline, Mentions, Direct Messages, Favorites, Lists, Search, and Trends
  • , , OmniFocus, and Things for integration
  • And more!

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