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Recover deleted tweets

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Tags: Delete, Tweleted, Undelete, Web
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Do you want to know what tweets a person has deleted? Tweleted is for you. compares the Twitter timeline of the person with the search results for the person to determine what tweets were deleted.

In essence, if you a tweet, it is still accessible via Twitter Search!! Tweleted scans the last 1000 tweets to determine what was deleted.

Tweleted claims to useful scenarios where you can use this personally (aka Good mode):

  • Recover accidentally deleted Twitter messages
  • Find the tweets you’ve lost

Is has an ‘evil mode’ where it believes Tweleted is for:

  • Recover embarrassing deleted tweets for fun and profit
  • Instant drama generator


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  • Thanks! Instant Drama generator. LOL

  • BerndP1

    Any free tool or website service saying it can restore deleted tweets by not using own local or distributed (and therefore memory- and bandwith-consuming, means expensive) archiving storage and search engines therein (some politicians’ old tweets get archived somewhere outside of twitter e.g.) but only using comparison of search and timeline results directly from twitter are no longer functioning already and since in 2009 when twitter has removed deleted tweets from the search results. Neither tweleted nor any service else will work for that ! Period! There is no way of restoration once a tweet has been deleted by its owner.

  • KawarthaLakes Mums

    Has not worked in years

  • Its now working I am try