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Reminder service to keep track of followers' birthdays, anniversaries

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Tags: Birthday, Reminder, TwellWishes, Web
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TwellWishes allows Twitter users to keep track of their followers’ birthdays. TwellWishes can be used to send well wishes to followers for birthdays, anniversaries, promotions, or whatever the occasion. TwellWishes also doubles as a service so no birthdays are forgotten. Every user has a link that corresponds to their Twitter username that will allow people to add themselves to that user’s list. When a pops up, everyone with that on their list will be reminded with a simple tweet. They can then send a tweet to that person from within TwellWishes or they can send a virtual gift such as a cake or a popsicle.

Users get 100 free gift store credits for adding their own birthday, but if they need more credits, they can buy more via PayPal.

A demo video is embedded below.

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