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Find the perfect hotel accommodation

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Twihotels allows you to tweet your hotel query. It’s an OAuth based application that will help you to find the perfect hotel accommodation. Your followers will help you identify a suitable hotel. The application also helps hoteliers and their agents to track real-time hotel queries over Twitter. It’s a fantastic lead generation tool for anyone dealing in hotel business.


When you start making plans, you can tweet your request using and have your followers recommend a suitable hotel. Not just that, you can also have hoteliers and agents follow tweets from Twihotels and suggest recommendations to you.

As mentioned on InventorSpot,

User-generated responses like this are worth their weight in gold since they are based on helping others make the best travel choice. And yes, even hoteliers can respond to your tweet if they feel their accommodations meet all of your criteria. They may also be inclined to offer you discounts and bargains as a result of finding them on Twitter. In interviewing Ajit Narayan, Promotion Manager for Twihotels, he asserts ” that an application such as can facilitate the interaction between all parties.”

An example tweet…


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