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The blogging extension to your tweets

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Tags: Long Text, Twikiblog, Web
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Tired of just tweeting in passionate currents? Here’s something different. 140 characters are sometimes not enough for a variable and thoughtfully flexible conversation. Twikiblog allows you to send longer messages, and more.

is a Blogging and Discussion extension to your tweets, or in the other way around, a comprehensively Twitter integrated Blogging and Discussion platform for those who would like to experiment with constructive discourse and networking. allows users to blog and tweet in the same tweet-sphere, create more in-depth articles around by, or by compiling tweets and posts, and build context by Quoting quotes from one another. Instant blogging with topic-centered discussion oriented networking is ’s intended nature, it is also has semi-client features such as time-line view for user’s tweets and mentions, and posting tweets.

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