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Bulk Follow/Unfollow users

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Tags: bulk, Desktop, follow, TwiPing, unfollow, Windows
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Alexa Ranking: 14,075,676

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TwiPing is a Windows application that allows you to do mass follow/ based on keywords.

Some uses of such a tool:

  • Increase your Twitter Following
  • Follow large batches of targeted and relevant users with one click
  • Identify friends who are not following you back, and unfollow all
  • Identify followers you are not following, and follow all
  • Ping users (follow/unfollow) to let them know you exist, but don’t follow them (bad karma?)

As described by the authors,

The process is fairly simple. Find someone influential in the field you are interested in. Use to get a list of all of their followers. Apply a filter using keywords specific to your interest. This weeds out any of their followers you are not interested in. Select this batch of users and follow all of them with one click. If your profile and message is interesting to these people, they will follow you. Rinse, lather and repeat.


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  • martin

    very nice tool…great!