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A service that tells you when you can see Iridium flares

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Tags: satellite, twiridium, Web
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Twiridium is a Twitter service that tells you when you can see Iridium flares. On specific moments a is in such a position that it reflects the sunlight back to the earth. It gives an amazing view!

The only thing you have to do is follow @ on Twitter and you will receive a tweet when an Iridium flare is visible at your location.

What exactly is an Iridium flare?

There are a lot of satellites in space. At about 780 km above the surface of the earth there is a large collection of the same satellites called Iridium. These satellites are/were used for the communication of satellite telephones. The satellites are visible because the sunlight is reflected by the satellite to the earth. Iridium satellites are specially nice to watch, because they can get very bright for a few seconds: the flare


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