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Twitter Search with a difference

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Tags: search, Twission, Web
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Twission is a application a lot like Twitter . It lets you what’s happening on Twitter right now. But it’s different in that the results are tagged with information about how you are connected to the people in the results.

To use it, you enter your search term and your Twitter username (no password required) and returns the tweets as they happen in real time along with a special number that shows you how close that person is to your network. So for example, if you already follow them they’re tagged with the number one, or if they’re a friend of a friend then they’re tagged with the number 2 etc. So essentially it tells you the degrees of seperation between you and the people in the results.

One other nice feature is that for friends of friends, when you hover over the tagged number attached to the tweet you can see how many friends you have in common with that person.

It’s a great way to discover other people on Twitter that you might want to follow.


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