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Twit Connect

Connect WordPress with Twitter

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Tags: blog, OAuth, plugin, Twit Connect, Web, WordPress
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Twit Connect provides readers of your WordPress powered with the ability to quickly claim their comments through a Twitter-provided login.  The method used by Twitter to enable this process is called . oAuth is an authentication standard that allows users to identify themselves using their Twitter user name without needing to provide their Twitter password.

Twit Connect provides two different options for connecting to Twitter, hosted oAuth or self-hosted.  Using the hosted method, your blog will connect to a Whitley Media server which will manage the oAuth exchange.  In the self-hosted option, everything is handled on your blog, however you must register your blog with Twitter as a Twitter application.  PHP 5 or greater is required to run the self-hosted option.  The hosted option will run under PHP 4 or 5.

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