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Automate your campaigns and build your follower base on auto pilot

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Tags: Auto Follow, Brand Management, Marketing, twitacc, Web
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Twitacc allows you to save your valuable time by building your followers on auto-pilot as well as automating your campaigns. Some of its features are:

  • Gain Laser Targetted Followers, auto-follow based on keywords
  • Secure your login process using OAuth and SSL
  • Login once to handle all of your campaign groups including your followers and your business partners
  • Get out of anyone’s follower list or get anyone out of your follower list
  • Create your campaigns, set schedule and automate to run any time
  • Choose your followers using keywords, tags, locations etc.
  • Get the RSS feed of your blog or website to your Twitter account automatically
  • Track and analyze the performance of your campaigns and get detailed statistics for every update
  • Configure your campaigns once and let our autopilot feature manage all of them automatically.

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