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Measure impact, engagement and influence on Twitter

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Tags: analytics, Statistics, Twitalyzer, Web
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Twitalyzer is social media’s most complete application for measuring impact, engagement and influence on Twitter. As described on Mashable,

is a free dashboard for Twitter that provides detailed metrics on things like impact, engagement, clout and velocity for individual Twitter accounts. When you sign into Twitalyzer you gain access to additional metric points and reporting data. Twitalyzer is a really powerful tool — there’s a well-written, 50-page handbook that goes over all the different options in-depth. What Twitalyzer does, like other metric and analytic dashboards, is give an aggregated overview of how much impact or clout a Twitter account has based on things like number of followers, number of people following, retweet level, number of retweets by others, how often an account replies to other users and engages in conversations, and so on.

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