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Location-integrated Twitter client for the iPhone

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Tags: geolocation, GPS, iPhone, Mobile, Twitdar
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Twitdar is a location-integrated Twitter client for the that allows you to share your location as well as your status with all of your Twitter followers all without having to sign-up for any additional services. Additionally, will only transmit your location when you want it to and not continuously so you can always maintain your privacy. You have many customizable options to choose from including:

  • A timer that will countdown for a specified number of minutes before sending out a tweet.
  • Ability to customize preset messages for quick status updates.
  • Choose from either time or distance intervals between automatic updates.
    • Twitdar will automatically send a tweet with your new location if you’ve moved X number of meters or X number of minutes have elapsed.
  • Option of sending latitude/longitude coordinates, a Google map link to your location, or a link to the route you’ve taken.

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