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Power packed Twitter toolbox for the iPhone

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Tags: Brand Management, Direct Message, iPhone, Lists, Marketing, Mobile, Multiple Accounts, Push, retweet, TwitJump
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TwitJump for is an easy to use mobile Twitter toolbox packed with several features. Some of the features that it supports is mentioned below.

  • You can search for people who are close to you, have the same interests, are potential customers for your business and more. TwitJump allows you to enter keywords and phrases and search for them using various filters. TwitJump then provides recommendations, ranked and sorted by influence, that are available for you to review and follow on your iPhone so can find matches for your Twitter accounts.
  • TwitJump has native notifications for @ replies and DM’s.
  • TwitJump has real-time brand and keyword tracking available from within the app. Add keywords and phrases and be updated immediately on your phone and/or via email so you can know immediately what is being said on Twitter about your business, your brand, your name and more.
  • are a great feature Twitter uses to allow you to customize feeds of targeted follows. But most apps treat like some type of bothersome addition. TwitJump makes it easy and convenient to both view and add people to your .
  • TwitJump has filters you can set to get rid of tweets that are just spammers bothering you. TwitJump makes Twitter spam-free. Choose your settings on your phone and say bye-bye to spammers.
  • Do you want to easily manage multiple accounts? It’s never been easier than with TwitJump — bounce from account to account with ease. The account selector is easy to access and easy to use. Change back and forth between accounts with ease. Easily retweet, quote tweets, email tweets, add tweets to favorites, add the person to a list, create a list and more from the same tweet page. TwitJump’s the easiest way to share Twitter on your iPhone.

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