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Photo sharing on Twitter

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Tags: media, Photos, Twitsnaps, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 3,066,956

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Twitsnaps allows you to tweet your photographs from the phone, through API, and their website.

You need to login with your Twitter login credentials to be able to upload photographs. You can add a description and have it tweeted to your account.


Given below is a comparison between and TwitPic, from the perspective of the developers. I’m not sure how accurate this comparison is.

Parameter TwitSnaps TwitPic
Size as large as 10 MB can be uploaded Size limit is 4 MB
Short url TwitSnaps uses its own url shortener to save characters Has no url shortener
Profile Creates unique profile page based on Twitter user id No unique profile page
Zoom Zoom feature, gives closer view No zoom feature
Retweet Allows Retweet of photos No Retweet option
User Comments Comments posted on photos can be edited or deleted No Comment edit or delete option
Description Description on photos can be edited Description on photos cannot be edited
Visitors Shows latest visitors of your photos Doesn’t show latest visitors
Popular photos Lists most viewed photos in the form of “Hall of Fame” No listing based on maximum views
Search Has search by keyword, search by user name utility No search utility available
Sort Allows sorting of photos based on date, number of views Photos cannot be sorted
Profile info Has Snippet info, shows number of photos uploaded & viewed No info on total number of photos uploaded by user, views
Full Size View Description and title of photos retained even in full size Description not visible in full size. No title for any of the photos
Title A unique title can be included for each photo No title
Rating Rating system for photos No rating system
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