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Twitter for iPad

Official Twitter client for the iPad

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Alexa Ranking: 55

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has launched an client for the . Twitter for iPad takes advantage of the iPad’s fluid touch interface, letting you move lots of information around smoothly and quickly – without needing to open and close windows or click buttons.

Some cool features for the iPad version are:

  • Panes: Tapping on a Tweet opens a pane to the right. Depending on the content in that Tweet, you’ll see a video or photo, or maybe a news story, or perhaps another Tweet.
  • Media: When you tap a video link or open a web page with an embedded video, you can play that video inline.
  • Gestures: You can pinch on a Tweet to quickly view details about the author and to take actions on a Tweet, such as reply or retweet. Put two fingers together and pull down on a Tweet to peek at the replies, showing the entire conversation leading to that Tweet.

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