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A source of high-quality Twitter backgrounds

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Tags: backgrounds, TwitterBugg, Web
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TwitterBugg is a source of high quality Twitter .

As described by the authors,

I’m Jonathan.  I created after endlessly searching the for high quality Twitter backgrounds, and not finding anything at all out there that really intrigued me.  So I’m taking it upon myself to bring you something better than the cheesy, Myspace-esque layouts that are splattered across the .  If you’re looking for glitter, blinking lights and flashing .gif images, you’re not going to find it here.  A few words that describe my design style: fun. simple. clean. professional. aesthetically awesome. Kick-ass. Etc.  You will see all of these characteristics in our backgrounds, and more.

Besides backgrounds, TwitterBugg lists a few of their favourite Twitter related plugins as well. But their primary focus in on backgrounds.

It would be a nice addition for TwitterBugg if they provided options to install the background directly to the Twitter account. Currently, one needs to download an manually set up the background.


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