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Tags: Adium, client, IChat, iTunes, mac-os-x, Skype, TwitterPost
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Alexa Ranking: 63

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twitterpostTwitterPost is a simple, stand-alone interface to Twitter. allows you to post to and read from your Twitter feed – plus a whole lot more. is available on Mac OS X.

It supports Unicode, which means that it has support for languages beyond just English!

Features include:

  • Browse your main feed as well as the Public Feed.
  • Quickly post to your Twitter feed without your web browser.
  • Full support for clickabe links in post messages.
  • Growl support for those that would like their messages via Growl Notifications.
  • Post your current track to your feed automatically.
  • You can make your chat statuses your Twitter post (supports Adium, , and Skype).
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