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Keyword Targeted Followers

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Tags: Auto Follow, Commercial, Keyword, Twitter Snipe, Web
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TwitterSnipe is a tool to help you grow your follower base.

As described by the authors,

There is a ton of Hype about Twitter and how you can easily bank off it. Well it is true you can easily make money off it. Well now I am coming out with a new system which will find users base on keywords within conversation in real time.

Now you are thinking there are tools just like yours! Yes, you are right, but ours doesn’t get account suspended and is far more feature rich than the others. Believe me I have done my research and I even bought a crappy one which almost always got my accounts suspended.


Some key features of include:

  • Grows Followers Base on Keywords
  • Self Hosted
  • Bulk Entry
  • Sniper Spy Feed
  • Time Based Sniping
  • Sniper Warnings (stops getting your account suspended)
  • Sniped Conversation
  • Multiple Twitter Account
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