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Tags: adobe air, client, Twitulater
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Twitulater is an microblogging that currently supports Twitter and Koornk. Its aim is to make life easier for power users who are constantly bombarded by messages from the many people they follow, through automatically splitting the tweet stream into different categories based on content rather than whom the messages are from.


There are ten basic categories: Replies, Link sharing, Questions, Happy, Sad, Chatter, ReTweets, My Tweets, All Tweets, Spam and another category is automatically created for every hashtag found. This enables users to only read what interests them at the moment without having to deal with all the noise on microblogging services.

Some Features

  • continuously retrieving messages
  • splits messages based on content
  • automatic hashtag recognition
  • supports Twitter and Koornk
  • multiple simultaneous user support
  • reply/retweet/direct message commands
  • expanding short URL’s via longurlplease
  • shrinking tweets via tweetshrink
  • URL shortening support
  • picture uploading
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  • Creator of Twitulater here, I would just like to ask everyone to excuse Twitulater's current ghastly appearance. I'm working hard with a designer on making it look great and sexy, which should be ready in a few weeks.

    Please feel free to make any and all suggestions about the application as I'm striving to shape it mostly on what the user's think they need.

  • Is it possible to change the categories used, say based on hashtags?

  • Categories out of hashtags are automatically created when Twitulater detects a hashtag. Tweets can of course be categorised into multiple hashtag categories.

    Eventually I'll make it so users can add their own custom-made categories.