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Find places and things close to you

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Tags: Foursquare, location based, Twizness, Web, yelp
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Twizness enables you to make use of your mobile device and favourite native Twitter client to find places and things close to you. It utilizes the power of social media services like Twitter, , and Foursquare.

If your Internet enabled device supports geolocation, log into Twitter and go to Settings, Account and check the “Tweet Location” checkbox. Then simply post a tweet as follows:

@twiznessbot find [keyword]

For example, @twiznessbot find restaurant

will look for restaurants in your area and tweet the results back to you in about a minute. If you do not have geolocation enabled, or would like to search in other areas, use the “near” keyword as follows:

@twiznessbot find [keyword] near [location]

For example, @twiznessbot find restaurant near 5th Avenue New York

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