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Twollars is a new form of ‘Thank You’ currency on Twitter.

As described on the website:

It’s a way to convert your ‘good deed’, your knowledge, your energy, your generosity it into a new form of money. By converting your Tweet into you can now pass that value on to others. You can reward others for their Tweet. And they can do the same. And soon you have new way of valuing and rewarding all the people you like, admire, and appreciate.

Just by tweeting something like: Give 2 Twollars @macwind because he gave me great advice or, by creating a special Twollar Retweet like this: RT 3 Twollars@esiokant because of his great Tweet. You can get Twollars moving around the Twitter community. Do something of value for someone and receive a simple, symbolic recognition. A Twollar. Write a great Tweet, give a Twitter friend a useful tip, and receive Twollars in return.


Twollars can be converted to dollars by sponsoring companies and businesses.  Businesses or corporations pledge to support a . Twitter users then donate their Twollars to the ’s Twollar fund. When the fund reaches a certain amount say: 10,000, the sponsoring business exchanges the Twollars for dollars and donates 10,000 USD to the . The sponsoring businesses gain favourable publicity, recognition and social capital with their contribution.

A wonderful service indeed!

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