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Tags: Auto Follow, brand, Twollow, Web
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Alexa Ranking: 15,294,797

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Twollow allows you to auto-follow people based on specific keywords they tweet.

Once someone uses those keywords while tweeting, will auto-follow them on your behalf. This is a great way to track how your is being described on Twitter.

Twollow comes in a free and premium version. The premium version allows you to track additional keywords.


Watch the video below on how to use the tool,

Quick Demo from jon on Vimeo.

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  • Brief Twollow Review…

    Twollow as a concept is a powerful tool. However, Twollow in practice continues to need much improvement and ongoing development, especially in the areas of data processing and User Interface. For 3 quick examples:

    1) Twollow needs to track and convey the Date-Time stamp of when someone is followed and/or Unfollowed.

    2) When the Twollow Unfollow tool displays the list of those Followed that are not Following back in order for you to go through and check them off for Unfollowing, it should give the user the ability to display only those that were Followed on a specific date-time or since a specific date-time.

    3) Twollow should provide a feedback loop to the user so we can see what’s going on with our Keyword list at that time and/or since we last logged in. So if we can only get 5 recommends to Follow for a given keyword for one day, then it would be useful to know when those users are going to be identified, or when they ‘were’ identified, assuming they were already identified for the day.

    This is only 3 quick ideas on how Twollow needs improvement. With that said, let me also point out that despite the fact that Twollow needs work, I also think it is a good tool and a great concept. As far as I’m aware, Twollow is actually the best tool of it’s kind out there.

    I hope this provides even a little more perspective on Twollow.

    Good Tweeting,

    John Messmer