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Urgh! A real-time feed & data miner of the people announcing deuce droppage

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Tags: Humour, PoopStream, TwttrPoop, Web
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TwttrPoop is a real-time feed and data miner of the people announcing deuce droppage via Twitter!!

With the advent of Twitter, humankind has found the ultimate vehicle for expression. Through its 140 characters of networked communication, news of international merit has been broken, governments have been toppled and, perhaps just as importantly, thousands of individuals have shared intimate details about their bowel movements in real time, unabashed insights like the following:

“…is updating while pooping. Hello! I’m birthing a large poop log.” “…pooping under a heat lamp… you have to try it sometime” “…that’s awesome! congrats! pooping is always exciting 🙂 ”


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