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Manage Twitter friends and followers and cleaning messages

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TwtWizard is a web service to help manage Twitter and followers and cleaning messages.  is easy and simple. The back-office helps the user define criteria and program the tasks the ‘wizards’ will execute. Like seeking people with potential, cleaning the Direct Messages from spam and garbage or un-following abandoned and inactive accounts.

“Our service is different from others because we use our 3 years’ experience on Twitter to build a set of guidelines to help people seek followers with value”, says Paulo Querido, journalist who founded TwtWizard as a side project.

“Beyond the guidelines, our routines were written having in mind the best practices Twitter recommends. If the client program a set of instructions too broader, that can jeopardize his account, our ‘wizards’ prevents the situation”, he add. The ‘wizards’ run once every hour, 24 hours a day, which one with its specific tasks, using the Internet and the Twitter API to operate.

TwtWizard helps following, un-following and cleaning DMs. It works based on keywords and lists of similar “tweeple”. The combination of the different criteria provides a large array of solutions and seeking alternatives the user can explore. The system provides detailed daily statistics of all activity.

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