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Verse Of The Day

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Tags: Bible, Bot, Verse of the Day, VOTD, Web
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The (Verse Of The Day) Twitter bot provides a pull service which replies with the text when users send a Scripture reference from the or a dictionary word.

There are 3 commands it responds to

  • The verse or word request itself,
  • A command to set the user’s preferences for subsequent requests, and
  • The ubiquitous ‘help’ command.

The ‘bot also provides a “push” service for those who subscribe, which transmits the each day after midnight EST. An example:

@votd Matt 1:1 esv > @tom, @dick, @harry

tells @votd to reply with Matt 1:1 in the ESV translation, and then to retweet the text to the Twitter addresses that follow the ‘greater than’ sign.


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