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A social network aggregator

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Welshare is a social network aggregator. Here is a list of some important features on :

  • unified stream – the messages from all networks that you are connected to are displayed in a single stream
  • share – you can share a message on all networks that you are connected to. You can deselect some of them for each message you share
  • – if you click , the message is liked and reshared on all networks that you are connected to
  • schedule messages – each message can be scheduled for a future time. You can schedule multiple messages for the future
  • notifications – if someone replies to you, likes your message, retweets, +1s, tags, etc. on any network, you see these events in a unified notifications panel.
  • missed important messages – get a list of the most popular messages that appeared in your stream while you were online.
  • limit online presence – you can optionally limit your daily online presence. Social networks are addictive and this feature is useful if you want to focus on more productive things
  • search – you can search your own messages, your stream and the whole welshare. The search only returns results from messages shared on welshare.
  • social reputation – each like and reply of a welshare message gives you points. There are reputation rankings per country and per city.

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