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Followers Widget with cool features that you can embed on your blog

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Tags: blog, Blogger, follower badge, Web, widget, WordPress, Zhuyo
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zhuyo is a Twitter Followers widget which you can add to your page. It shows your followers with a simple “Follow” button to allow your visitors to follow you right on your page.

When your visitor use your Twitter Followers Box, they will be redirected to twitter for authentication. After sign in, they will follow you without leaving your page. If they have already used Twitter Followers Box on other site, they will follow you right after clicking the ‘Follow Me’ button. Only one click needed!

Twitter Followers Box is completely customizable to the look and feel of your website. A few themes are provided but you can create your own themes using CSS.

Twitter Followers Box is a small piece of code for web site owners, bloggers or other publishers to embed in their web pages. It only requires you to copy the javascript code and paste it to your web page or templates.

Twitter Followers Box does not require your password on twitter. It also uses OAuth to authenticate your followers, so they can rest assure that their passwords are safe too.


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